Professional Fields

Fields of Law

  • Agricultural Law
  • Foundations and Associations
  • Citizenship Issues, Immigration Law
  • Family Law
  • Economic Law
  • Property Law
  • Damage Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Mediation
  • Labour Law
  • Compensation
  • Law of Inheritance
  • Civil Law, Contracts
  • Contravention Law
  • Company Law

Agricultural Law
Legal representation of agricultural companies and individuals, agricultural product marketing contracts, devising contracts of tenancy.

Foundations and Associations
Devising foundation and association documents, participating in establishment, legal advice, representation in registration procedure and before authorities.
Establishing non-profit social organisations, and representation of these in registration procedure and before authorities.

Citizenship Issues
Legal advice and representation in the course of issues regarding gaining Hungarian citizenship, residence and work permit in Hungary.

Family Law
Legal advice and representation in all fields of family law, especially in dissolving marriage, child placement, child support, contact issues. Devising legal documents for marriage rights of property, and for defining the financial standing of common-law partners.

Economic Law
Legal advice, representation and devising legal documents for foreign and Hungarian companies and individuals. Devising cooperation contracts between foreign and Hungarian companies. Devising contracts for work, labour and materials, and contracts of agency.

Property Law
Purchase deed, bartering agreement, deed of gift, establishing and terminating right of usufruct, devising deed of foundation of block of freehold flats, documents for entering up property division block diagrams in the registry of title deeds, settling issues of joint ownership. Terminating joint ownership in extra-judicial procedure or through the court. Legal advice for foreign and native citizens in issues of real estate purchase in accordance with Hungarian legal regulations.

Compensation Law
Enforcement of pecuniary and non-pecuniary loss in compliance with the nature of the case of damage.

Environmental Law
Comprehensive legal advice on all aspects of environmental protection, representation in court or in extra-judicial procedures. Consulting a network of competent professionals in special cases.

As registered mediator with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Hungary, I offer advice and support in procedures of arbitration and conciliation aimed at settling debates with agreement.

Labour Law
Devising documents (contracts of employment, dismissal notices) for the establishment and termination of employment, representation in actions of law before the Court of Labour. Legal advice for all employees, including state employees and civil servants.

Civil Law, Contracts
Advising, devising legal documents, representation in legal procedures. Legal representation in court, conducting proceedings of distraining.

Contravention Law
Legal advice and representation before authorities in cases of contravention.

Company Law
Establishment, termination with definitive settlement, bankruptcy proceedings, liquidation, creditor representation of companies and incorporated companies such as limited companies, deposit companies and share companies; legal actions related to company law.

Law of Inheritance
Legal advice, devising legal documents, representation in the field of the Law of Inheritance. Execution of wills and testaments, representing heirs under wills in administration of wills, legal actions related to inheritance.

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