Professional Background

  • Eötvös Lóránd University, Faculty of Law, Budapest, 1969
  • Solicitor and Legal Counsel special examination, 1971
  • Solicitor from 15 July 1971, member of the Bacs-Kiskun Chamber of Advocates, solicitor with the Lawyers' Cooperative No 2 of Kecskemét
  • Independent Solicitor from 27 December 1971, based at Solicitors' Office No 2 at Bercsenyi u. 5. I/2 in Kecskemét
  • Language examination in German
  • Qualified Real Estate Agent
  • Environmental Law Special Examination, Eötvös Lóránd University, Faculty of Law, Postgraduate School, Budapest, 15 January 1997
  • Mediator - Ministry of Justice Reg. No 000075/1
  • Elected judge for the Elected Regular Court for the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Trade
  • Registered German-Speaking Solicitor with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Budapest
  • Assistant member of the Presidium of the Bács-Kiskun County Chamber of Advocates, member of the Committee of Privileges
  • Member of the Legal Steering and Crime Prevention Committee at the General Assembly of the County Town Kecskemét
  • Member of the Association of Hungarian Lawyers
  • Member of EMLA Environmental Society, member of EMLA Lawyers' Network
  • Member of the Association of Hungarian and German Lawyers
  • Member of the Association of Hungarian Female Advocates

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