Dr. Kovalcsikné Dr. Kalmár Éva
Welcome to my homepage.

Let me in short introduce myself and give you an overall picture of the details of my professional work as a solicitor.

I started my professional career as a solicitor in 1971. In the exercise of my duties my utmost aim is to be at the disposal of my clients with my thorough professional grounding and extended professional experience.

I am member of the Chamber of Advocates under the registration number 100. I have liability insurance with the Insurance and Mutual Benefit Society of Hungarian Advocates.

I am entitled to have an electronic signature (e-signo)

I deal with electronic company law proceedings (e-proceedings)

I have the right to inspect the company credit information database of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Hungary.

My webpage has been devised in accordance with the Standpoint 2/2001 (IX.3.) on the "Contents of a Solicitor's Webpage" issued by the Chairmanship of the Hungarian Chamber of Advocates. The contents presented in this webpage, therefore, do not contribute to either legally based offers or invitations for offers.
Dr. Kalmar Eva advocate lawyer Kecskemet Hungary Law Court Building
Dr. Kalmar Eva advocate, Kecskemet, Hungary
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